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Why you should test?

About half of the people currently infected with HIV do not know that they are HIV positive. It isn’t possible to tell if people (or you) are HIV positive by simply looking. A number of people live for years without noticeable symptoms or signs, and can potentially spread the HIV virus unknowingly to sexual partners.

One of the crucial steps in preventing the spread of HIV, and helping to treat those already infected is to make sure that everyone - particularly men who have sex with men regularly get tested and are aware of their HIV status. For those who choose to engage in high-risk activities, regular testing may be a good form of harm-reduction.

If you’re HIV positive, early detection can mean more treatment options which can help to make the disease more manageable, and provide you with the opportunity to learn how to properly care for yourself. It also means you can take the steps to avoid infecting others and re-infecting yourself.


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