Do's and Don'ts?

Some helpful tips:

What if I canít stay hard with a condom on? Some men find that using condoms makes them lose their erections before or during sex. If someone has difficulty keeping hard, the problem is usually anxiety-related, and can often be remedied with practice. In some instances erection trouble can be a medical problem and for some HIV positive guys, certain medications can cause erection difficulties. In these cases, speaking to your doctor about ways to improve this problem is the best option. Sometimes your doctor will be able to prescribe medication to improve the problem. However you choose to go about dealing with erectile difficulty, not using condoms should never be one of them.
  • Try masturbating with a lubricated condom on. This teaches you to become accustomed to the feeling of the latex, and trains you to stay hard and cum with one on. Make sure to use a condom that fits you properly; condoms that are too small can limit circulation from your penis if you are larger than average.
  • Have your sex partner help you put the condom on. This can be done in interesting ways— like having him use his mouth. During foreplay, your partner can even give you a blowjob while the condom is on, before you have sex.
  • If you still have problems maintaining your erection, try purchasing a cock-ring from a sex shop. Porn stars often use cock-rings to help keep their dicks hard. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go. Don’t keep a cock-ring on for too long, or you can risk doing serious damage to your penis.
  • Avoid abusing certain substances such as alcohol and things like cocaine and poppers which can sometimes cause impotence.
  • Some guys find it easier to use the female condom if they have trouble staying hard


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