Do's and Don'ts?

How do I put a condom on?

1. After having checked the expiry date on your condom, squeeze the condom pack to make sure there is an air pocket (this means there are no holes in the package).

2. Push the condom to one side of the package and tear the package open with your fingers (not teeth). Check to see that you have the condom faced the right way (the tip of the condom should face upwards).

3. Never try and re-use a condom if you’ve accidentally put it the wrong way. Pre-cum could have gotten on the outside of the condom.

4. Place a small bit (never too much, that can cause it to slip off) of lube on the head of your cock. Gently squeeze the tip of the condom and roll it down as far as it will go on your dick with your other hand. The bit of room at the tip of the condom helps hold your cum.

5. Make sure you keep your/his asshole well lubed during sex. Use your hand to check periodically that the condom has not slipped off or ripped during sex. Switch condoms if you’ve been having sex for a long period of time.

6.When finished having sex, pull out while you are still hard, keeping one hand on the base of the condom. Gently unroll and twist the condom so that no cum can drip out and throw the used condom in the garbage.


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