Dos and Don’ts for using condoms

Do always use a condom each and every time you have anal or vaginal sex, and sometimes if just giving or getting head/blowjobs

Don’t use more than one condom at a time. Using more than one condom doesn’t protect you any more from HIV and STIs, and can in fact increase the chance that your condoms will break because of them rubbing together.

Do always check the expiry date on your condoms. Old or expired condoms are more likely to fail during sex.

Don’t put condoms in warm or squeezed places like your wallet or back pocket. Heat and pressure can weaken condoms, making them less effective.

Do always use lube when having sex, and always make sure to check that the lube you’re using is water-based and not oil-based like Lotion, Vaseline or Butter.

Don’t ever use your cum as lube during sex. Cum on the outside of a condom can transmit HIV and STIs to you or your sex partner.


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