Do's and Don'ts?



A lot of guys claim to not use condoms because they “just don’t feel real”. Although it’s true that sex with condoms may not feel as real, it’s important that you are still concerned with being healthy whether you are HIV positive or negative. Aside from not having sex at all, condoms are the most effective way of staying HIV and STI free. Condoms are the easiest, most sure-fire way of preventing HIV and STI transmission during sex, but only when used properly. Condoms are tested frequently by manufacturers, and expiry dates are used to prevent against any failure (splits or breaks). Statistics show that when used properly, condom failure rates are about one in every hundred.

What are condoms made of?

Male Condoms are most often made of latex. For people with latex allergies polyurethane condoms are available. Female condoms are also made of polyurethane. Female condoms are slightly stronger, come in a larger fit, and transfer heat better than male latex condoms.

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